Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship



What happens when 20 bright young minds are given two weeks of funding, tools, space and mentorship to start prototyping the change they want to see in their city? In 2016, we decided to find out.

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The Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship is a two-week immersive program focused on empowering our next generation of city problem-solvers: data scientists, DIY urban designers and open street mappers.

The fellowship covers a financial stipend, access to world-class mentors, co-working space, special tools--no strings attached. Over a period of two weeks, this program will equip a small group of 20 creative and talented individuals to begin building solutions to the challenges facing Paris today.

3 curated tracks

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DIY Urbanism

Unlock   the practical skills you need--from arduino to sandblasting--to get your ambitious urban installation done

Avail of special facilities, including (but certainly not limited to) electronics labs, laser cutters, plastics, a machine shop, a wood shop, welding stations, a waterjet cutter, and textile department.

Get open access to design software, featuring the entire Autodesk Design Suite.

Work alongside world-class mentors in the fields of hardware development, guerilla gardening, electrical engineering and furniture design

For those working on automotive hacks, get to experiment on  the program’s hackable Tesla.


Data Science

Learn the tools and techniques you need to tackle Paris biggest social issues through data.

Work alongside some of the world’s best data scientists to create predictive models by learning to wrangle, analyze, and visualize data.

Sharpen hard skills like SQL, Python, machine learning, and modeling techniques while creating your own data projects and applications




Get hands-on experience in surveying using GPS devices, beacons, drones and field papers and add that data to OpenStreetMap

Learn first-hand about tracing satellite imagery

Up your skills in tools to create beautiful maps and integrate location into any mobile or online application



For who

We’re looking for the best, the brighest and the hungriest for change.

We welcome applicants of all ages, nationalities (this program is a weird mix of French & English) and all stripes: data science, hardware development, product strategy, data visualization, industrial design, GIS and beyond.

Our most important criteria are curiousity, creativity, and a commitment to making a dent in the universe - even if it’s just one city and one summer at a time.


While fieldwork is a significant part of this experience, fellows will be based at the Five by Five HQ a.k.a. « The Pentagon » (4 rue Martel, Paris 75010) during most of the program.

The open air exhibit in September will be along rue de Rivoli, courtesy of the City of Paris.

*Slight exception for DIY urban design track: Once they go into production mode, they will be operating the heavy machinery from Techshop.


Learn by doing.

Life rarely ever presents you with a “textbook case” so we encourage you to dig right in and get to work solving the challenge of your choice in the way that you choose. Everything you need to know (and don’t know yet), even the nitty gritty technical details, will present themselves to you if you pay attention. You’ll find yourself learning a whole lot more by going through the steps to overcome the small surprises that come your way, than hearing someone else talk about it.


We enable people to work easily with others who are best suited to the purpose, across functions, specializations, geographies, and even beyond the formal boundaries of the program. Our mentors/instructors/friends help you to process all the things you’re learning as you tackle your project. With a fellow-mentor ratio of 1:1, we make sure you have the guidance and feedback that you need.

Open by default.

Sharing is caring. Designs from the DIY urbanism track will go up on sites like Instructables for the world to see (and reproduce), when possible algorithms from the data science track will be open-sourced on Github, and data created under the mapping track will be made available under the Open Database Licence (ODBL).


One-size-fits all doesn’t  cut it. Once fellows are selected in June, their instruction will be tailored to their specific summer projects and paced to their learning needs. Additional mentors may even be brought onboard for any specialized needs.