How are the fellows selected? 

The selection committee consists of representatives of the City of Paris and Five by Five as well as track leaders (Techshop, Data for Good x Bayes Impact, or OpenStreetMap), selected mentors/advisors and the organization who submitted the challenge you applied to (if applicable).

Do I need to apply to a specific challenge in order to qualify?

No, you can also apply on the basis of your own project, unrelated to any of the posted challenges. Note that roughly half the fellowship slots are reserved for those responding to the challenges on the site, whereas the other half is open to independent ideas. 

Can I apply with an urban project that doesn’t fit in any of the 3 tracks?

You will have a better chance to be admitted through one of the 3 tracks, but track-free applications will still be reviewed.

Does my project have to be specifically for the city of Paris?

It needs to be applicable to the city of Paris, as well as to the city you have in mind. Cities sadly face many of the same pains.

What is the formal selection criteria?

The applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Quality and potential impact of the proposal
  • Relevance of the proposal with respect to the chosen challenge
  • Skills of the candidate
  • Motivation of the candidate

Can we apply as a team instead of as an individual?

In the event that the project scope is too much for one person, you can apply with a partner. 

Do I need to be from Paris to qualify for the program?

No, you can apply from anywhere in the world as long as you can legally stay in France for the duration of the Fellowship.

Can I apply with a project developed by my company?

This fellowship was designed for individuals, not corporations. Incorporated companies are not admitted to the fellowship.

What are the official rules for participation for the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship?

Read them here



What does the funding package consist of?

The following amounts can increase in the next few weeks as we close our fundraising round (Fingers crossed!) Check this section or our FB page for updates. 

In the meantime, we’re offering :

  • Up to 250euros for lunch and local transport
  • Travel expenses for fellows up to 150euros (France, outside of Île de France), 250euros (EU) and 500euros (outside of the EU).
  • Accommodation (See below)

Do you offer housing accommodation?

Yes, better than Airbnb: We have a friendly network of spare flats and guest rooms for the duration of the fellowship. Data science fellows can also apply for accommodation at the Snips house (Paris, 8th district).

How are the stipends distributed?

Fellows with allocated stipends will receive reimbursement of food and/or housing costs through a refund form.

How do you deal with intellectual property?

We encourage our fellows to publish their work under open licenses such as GNU GPL, Creative Commons BY-SA or ODbL. The fellows control the intellectual property of their work.



I'm writing a story and want to learn more about the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship. Who do I contact?

All members of the press should contact us directly via our contact form. (We check it all the time, don’t worry.) Alternatively, you can reach out to Latifa Danfakha latifa@fivebyfive.io



What is Five by Five?                                           

Five by Five is an innovation consultancy with one foot in the world of large organizations (corporates, non-profits, governments) and the other in that of startups. We help organizations of all stripes understand how startups work, how to work with them and how to work like them. More here: fivebyfive.paris

Wait--Five by Five isn’t a non-profit? Why would a private company organize this?

We aren’t a non-profit, but we are proud to be a team of engaged and conscientious individuals, each committed to our communities. Among our numbers are active members of civic startups, people who have served as brigade captain at Code for America, and others who have led 500-strong tech volunteer teams in the aftermath of a super typhoon.

Sure, our client portfolio centers on companies like Google, BNP Paribas and Lufthansa but impact isn’t a vertical. Our recent work on urban energy efficiency with the World Bank in East Africa, improving travel for people with disabilities with SNCF, and fighting drought with the government of Burkina Faso through open data, is a real testament to that.