Chloé Bonnet
Founding partner, Five by Five



Rand Hindi

Founder and CEO of Snips, who builds an Artificial Intelligence to make technology disappear.

TR35 by the MIT Technology Review, "30 under 30" by Forbes.

Started coding at the age of 10, founded his first startup at 14 and created a web development agency at 15 before starting his PhD at the age of 21.


Max Song
Data Scientist
Shenzen University

Worked on genetic engineering at NASA Ames Research Center.

Joined Singularity University as a Teaching Fellow. 

Published the 2015 Manual on Data Science bringing together the United States’ top data scientists.


Christos Kozyrakis
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Stanford University

Leads the multi-scale architecture & systems team (MAST), a research group that investigates hardware architectures, runtime management environments, system software, and programming models for systems ranging from cellphones to warehouse-scale datacenters.

Conducts research at Stanford University focusing on resource efficient cloud computing, energy efficient compute and memory systems, and architectural support for security.

Joined Stanford in 2002 after receiving a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.


Martin Daniel
Data Analyst

Joined Airbnb in San Francisco as a Data Analyst

Created an online course on how to answer business questions with modern tools (Python, Pandas, Google BigQuery etc.).

Led, hired and developed the data science team at Fifty-Five as Head of Data Science


Adnène Trojette
#finance #opendata
Magistrate at the Cour des Comptes

Possibly one of the only Magistrates at the Cour des Comptes who is also a Debian developer

Authored a famous open data report for the French Prime Minister (known as the “Rapport Trojette”

Holds graduate degrees from l’Ecole Nationale de l’Administration, Science Po Paris and Ecole Centrale de Paris



Claire-Marie Foulquier-Gazagnes
#opendata #publicpolicy
Head of Development & Policy, Etalab

Opening data, code and minds @Etalab, French Prime minister taskforce on open data/gov and datascience.

Worked on opening France's tax software through #CodeImpot, a first in the world!

Supporter of @OpenFisca, turning the French fiscal and social law into an open source code. 



Joseph Dureau
#datascience #advisor
Head of Data Science, Snips




Yaron Schwarcz
CEO and Founder

Assembled a unique team of experts to revolutionize construction with robots that 3D print steel reinforced concrete, dramatically reducing costs, labor and material waste.

Co-founded Tela Labs in Tel Aviv, a knowledge center for exponential technologies, including rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing for entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, designers and companies.

Became Regional President of the Kairos Society in Israel.


Sylvain Chasseriaux
Industrial Designer
Founder of Fabrique Hacktion

Blended industrial design and product usability in the Silicon Valley for companies such as Square and Google

Co-founded Fabrique Hacktion, a collective of Paris-based urban hackers

Won design awards from institutions such as l’Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle (France), Hay (Nordics) and Audi (International).


Geoffrey Delcroix
#privacy #advisor
Innovation and Foresight  manager, CNIL

Leads innovation at the CNIL "Because you don't have to be cool and "break things" on one side and wear suits and speak in Latin or Ancient Greek about Law on the other. You can do both."

Co-founded LINC, Laboratoire d'innovation numérique de la CNIL

Authored multiple reports influencing France's take on privacy and dataecosystems



Michel Blancard
#datascience #imageprocessing #scientificcalculation
Data scientist, Etalab




Renaud Visage
#Webdevelopment, #API, #Consumerproducts
Co-Founder & CTO, Eventbrite

Co-Founded Eventbrite, the leading event technology platform powering 2 million events a year around the world, in 2006
Wired UK's Top 100 Digital Influencers in Europe
Started coding in BASIC at the age of 10 on a Thompson TO7




Dirk Ahlborn
CEO, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies 




Bertier Luyt
#3Dmodeling #3Dprinting, #productdesign
Founder & CEO, Le Fabshop / Producer, Maker Fair France

Founded Fabshop in 2012, leading the 3D printing revolution in France, focusing on design, materials, programming for the future of making things. 
Speak at different conferences such as MakerCon, TEDx, Hello Tomorrow or Trimble Dimension. 
Produce the Maker Faire in France.




Jean-Baptiste Roger
#innovation #management #publicservices
CEO, La Fonderie

CEO La Fonderie, public digital agency
Former political advisor in charge of the digital in Paris Region
Former secretary general of an NGO




Tariq Khokar
Global Data Editor, World Bank

Became the World Bank’s first (ever) data scientist

Enjoys communicating with data, works on developing new methods for creating, analyzing and visualizing data, and on making data openly accessible for public re-use

Trained as a mathematician and computer scientist at Cambridge University




Nicolas Terpolilli
Chief Data Officer, OpenDataSoft

Data Hunter at OpenDataSoft





Christophe Barraud
#engineering #robotprogramming
CEO, Mobsya

Got a Master of engineering from EPFL (robotics) in 2013

Co-developped the technical side of the Thool project, creating activities for schools with Thymio robots (

Became CEO of Mobsya in 2014





Romain Warlop
Data Scientist Lead, Fifty Five

Study theoretical and applied methematics

PhD student in a lab and data scientist in a company at the same time

Member of DataForGood community





Jean-François Wassong
#dataprocessing #architecture  #digitalanalytics
CTO, Fifty Five

Autonomy (search)

Google (APIs)





Cynthia Gutton
#servicedesign #transport
Innovation Manager, SNCF





Heather Leson
#crowdsourcing #humanitariantechnology
Board member, OpenStreetMap

Heather Leson leads technical programs and partnerships for global projects in humanitarian response and international development. 

Heather curates numerous civil society, open source and technology workshops and is a frequent public speaker at international events such as Crowdsourcing Week,Impact Startup Europe and the World Humanitarian Summit. 

Getting people involved in their world with technology is her life mission. Imagine the world if we all lent a digital hand.





Louis-Marie Schulthess
#industrialdesign #ecoconception #making
Dream Consultant, Techshop Ateliers Leroy Merlin

As an industrial and product designer, I worked in Vietnam and France for varying project from decoration to ecoconception.

Interested in Ceramics 3d printing, I'm exploring the possibility of the technology to produce lowtech or art and craft items.

As a Dream consultant in TechshopLM since a year, I'm helping people to make projects from Art to Ingeenering, from textile to metal...





Bertrand Billoud
#opentransport #responsivelocomotion
Head of marketing communication, Kisio Digital





Barbara Belvisi
#hardware #productlaunch #consumerelectronics
Cofounder, Hardware Club

Cofounded Hardware Club, the 1st hardware VC based on the largest community of hardware startups worldwide (180 startups in 27 countries)

In love with robots and science since the youngest age Passionated about makers, builders and innovators